Genevieve Conley Gambill

I’m a pathfinding strategist with over ten years of experience advising top tech and games companies on preparing for the future. I provide direction and clarity in times of high uncertainty, working with top leaders to understand the change, anticipate how it might impact their organization, and build a plan for how to best position themselves for possible futures. I teach leaders how to build their futures thinking skills with industry-recognized foresight and strategy techniques.

I specialize in studying emerging technologies through the lens of human needs — finding ways to ensure that technology provides real value for people and society. I am currently looking for senior leadership opportunities at companies exploring new business areas – including new business models, emerging technologies, or emerging product areas.

My Approach

I use a holistic approach to understand both what’s changing in the environment and an organization’s unique ability to respond. This begins by leveraging insight on users, the market, and technology to create a 360 perspective of the landscape and how it’s evolving. Then, I combine internal and external expertise to anticipate the potential implications of the shift for the organization over a 5-10 year horizon. Lastly, I take into account an organization’s resources, capabilities, and strengths to “backcast” a plan that builds a clear path between their current state and ideal future.

My Background

My prior work includes research and strategy leadership at Google, Meta, and Riot Games. Examples of past projects include developing a new business model in response to shifts in the advertising landscape, leading a cross-product strategy to increase adoption of an immersive technology, and creating a 10-year vision for the creative development of a video game IP.