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How to say no (without really saying no)

How do I get better at saying no to new project requests when I have too much work on my plate, without sacrificing my relationships with my team?” Having the autonomy to choose what you work on is a wonderful privilege. But it can be a curse. When there is no one to tell you… Continue reading How to say no (without really saying no)

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Problem Solving 101

I've had many roles in my career -- from business consultant, to product manager, to UX researcher, and strategic advisor. While each role appears unique on the surface, all have one thing in common: solving big hairy problems. The problems I encountered in each role differed wildly: forecasting the sales of a cancer drug, figuring… Continue reading Problem Solving 101

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Top 5 Things I Learned at Riot Games

Last month marked the end of 5 years as a researcher at Riot Games. I learned so, so much during my time there. There are, however, a few lessons that stand out to me above all the others. These are the things I think I'll carry with me throughout the rest of my career: How… Continue reading Top 5 Things I Learned at Riot Games

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5 Tricks for a Better Kick-Off Meeting

Working with stakeholders is one of the most important (and challenging) parts of being a researcher. How you handle the initial request from a stakeholder can make or break a project. Here are 5 tricks I've picked up during my time as a researcher that have helped me ensure that I am getting the most… Continue reading 5 Tricks for a Better Kick-Off Meeting