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How to say no (without really saying no)

How do I get better at saying no to new project requests when I have too much work on my plate, without sacrificing my relationships with my team?” Having the autonomy to choose what you work on is a wonderful privilege. But it can be a curse. When there is no one to tell you… Continue reading How to say no (without really saying no)

Partner Management

How Do I Get My Team to Trust Me? – 9 Simple Tricks to Building Strong Relationships

I joined my team a few months ago. I’ve done a few projects and had time to integrate into the team culture. But I’m still having a hard time getting buy-in for  my ideas and I don’t feel included in the decision making process. What do I do?” Building trust is key to having impact… Continue reading How Do I Get My Team to Trust Me? – 9 Simple Tricks to Building Strong Relationships

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Problem Solving 101

I've had many roles in my career -- from business consultant, to product manager, to UX researcher, and strategic advisor. While each role appears unique on the surface, all have one thing in common: solving big hairy problems. The problems I encountered in each role differed wildly: forecasting the sales of a cancer drug, figuring… Continue reading Problem Solving 101

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The Product Checklist™

Imagine the following scenario: you, a new team member, have been added to a project already several months in progress. You have a number of questions: Who is this product for? What problem are we solving? How does this product solve the problem? After a few days of poking around, you discover that no one… Continue reading The Product Checklist™


What is Strategy, Anyway?

One of the tech industry’s dirtiest secrets is that no one, and I mean no one actually agrees on what “strategy” is. As an employee in the tech sphere, you’ll hear managers tell you to work on more “strategic” projects. You may even get invited to a meeting to discuss the team “strategy” for the… Continue reading What is Strategy, Anyway?